Gaming industry is undergoing a #MeToo moment

A MeToo movement is taking place among game developers in the industry. Several indie game developers in the industry were accused for abuse and assault.

Shortly after the Pax West gaming conference, the allegations surfaced which saw thousands of women game developers speaking about incidence of physical abuse.

The movement began when a developer spoke of her experience online. She published a detailed story of abusive behavior and rape by her former colleague. Her post in return gave courage to several other women, who came forward and spoke about their own experiences.

The posts were compared to the ‘me too’ movement from the film industry.

Owing to the situation, media critic and writer Anita Sarkeesian commented, “Video games are having a #metoo moment. The toxicity from fans has been well documented for years but the toxic, abusive, predatory behaviour between developers has mostly been spoken in whispers between trusted friends”.

“I’m in awe of the bravery of those who have spoken up today,” she added.

Several women publicly spoke about incidence of groping and grabbing in the industry and at network events. Some stories also drew attention to episodes where men lured women to hotel rooms under the pretext of speaking about collaborations and work opportunities.

While some women also talked about long emotional manipulation and abuse from senior colleagues, they especially elaborated on mental health issues which resulted due to the dehumanizing experiences they had faced.