Retirement facility for ageing pets

Retirement facility for ageing pets

Just like humans, older pets need intensive care. Tokyo has opened a home for an increasing number of elderly and sick pets in order to give them more love and attention.

Records allege, that the launch of such retirement services is mainly a consequence of the Japanese law which was introduced in 2013. According to the law, pet owners are obliged to take care of ageing pets until their entire lifetime.

As a result, pet nursing homes have become a growing trend in Japan, to aid pet owners struggling with the special needs of the pets.

According to Akira Watanabe, one of the biggest reasons is that the customers themselves have to move to an old age home, whereas sometimes there are also other consequences such as owners cannot care for their pets, until the end of the pet’s life. In such cases, the owners take love from owners and care for the pets for the rest of their lives. Watanabe is the owner of the Tokyo Pet Home.

Within the nursing home, the pets undergo regular water exercises, in addition to enjoying space in their private room. The pets also have a staff on duty round the clock. Vets are also close by, in case of medical emergencies.

“In normal per hotels it’s difficult to get elderly dogs taken in, for example those aged 15,16,17 and those that need special care so we get many customers like that,” said Kimiko Miyashita, of the Kennels Tokyo.

Furthermore, the owners also get regular updates on how their pets are doing, in addition, they also receive pictures of their pets on their phone.

Record suggest, by 2050 40% of Japan’s population will age over 65. Similarly, the number of dogs over 10 years old will also increase.

The Japanese believe if there is still a sparkle to the eyes and the pet eats the food that is given, then that is proof enough that the pet wants to live. Euthanasia is the last resort and an option only when the pet is really in pain.

The nursing home facility costs up to $26,00 a year, however people are willing to pay for their pets’ comfort in old age.