Qantas to launch test flights for world’s longest route

Qantas to launch test flights for world’s longest route

According to the latest reports, Qantas airline will adhere to a new test service for its 19 hour flight, in order to assess if the crew and passengers are able to face the marathon journey.

According to the new announcement, the airline wishes to launch a non-stop service from Sydney to London to New York, starting from as soon as 2022. The commencement of this airline would thus be world’s longest direct flight.

Sources suggest, the trial flights will begin towards end of this year and will carry 40 passengers. Reports allege, the health of the passengers will be monitored during the journey.

According to the chief executive of Qantas, Alan Joyce, the direct flights from east coast of Australia to New York and London represented ‘the final frontier in aviation’.

“Ultra-long haul flying presents a lot of common sense questions about the comfort and wellbeing of passengers and crew,” commented Joyce.

The airline alleged that non-stop flights from New York and London to Sydney would last for a duration of 19 hours each, the journey was subject to weather and wind conditions.

The Airline was to conduct three test flights and the participants are going to be none other than employees and crew of Qantas. They will be equipped with wearable technology devices. In addition, their sleep patterns and their food and beverage intake would be screened to determine the impact on body and health clock.

Furthermore, these flights will function on Boeing 787-9s.

Latest reports suggest, the competition regarding ultra-long haul aviation market has picked up pace in the past years with various airlines planning to fly extended routes.