Now expect tweeting through unprecedented smart devices

smart devices

Smart technology has taken over all our lives substantially, so much so, that we have started to feel without it. In a recent episode, not just smart phones, but also washing machines, ovens and fridges can help us access the internet.

A trending incidence of a US teenager, spoke of her using a smart fridge to send tweet when all her other devices were taken away by her mum. ‘I do not know if this is going to tweet I am talking to my fridge what the heck my Mom confiscated all of my electronics again.’ Her tweet said.

Other unprecedented objects that can now allow access to the internet are the toaster and the tweeting kettle.

The teenager, popular by the name of Dorothy allegedly used the fridge to post a desperate tweet, when she felt stymied without her phone. In her tweet she shared that it was sent from Wii U Image Share.

Technology has escalated the way one can share posts on Twitter. Also popular among gamers is tweeting through old DS or through PS4 and Nintendo Switch, which allows players to tweet screenshots of the games, in addition to writing their own captions.

However, today this is not only possible through game consoles. One does not necessarily need to rely upon the obvious devices like the phone or the computer, internet access is also possible through a wide range of other devices. Some of these include, net-connected smart TVs. These TVs are equipped with the basic Twitter client built-in which comes in handy, when one is without a phone.

Posting tweets through smart speakers like the Amazon Echo has also gained precedence, however these need to be previously installed. Furthermore, tweeting is also possible through Alexa and through tweeting cat flap created by tech writer Kate Bevan.