Swarovski apologizes China for naming Hong Kong a country

Swarovski has apologized to China for erroneously portraying Hong Kong as a country on its official website. The jewelry company has taken the ‘full responsibility’ for this mistake and has updated its websites worldwide as a consequence.

Previously a similar incidence with Versace was observed, where the brand apologized for not adhering to China’s territorial claims. Such episodes have resulted due to the growing tensions between Hong Kong and China.

Hong Kong has faced mass unrest for several weeks as demonstrations first questioned the extradition bill which grew into a pro-democracy movement with regards to China’s growing dominance in the region.

In a Facebook post of Swarovski, it was posted that the company had always ‘firmly respected’ China’s national sovereignty and its territorial integrity.

“Considering the recent happenings in China, Swarovski takes full responsibility and sincerely apologises to the people of China, as well as to our collaborative partners and Brand Ambassador, Ms Jiang Shuying, who have been deeply disappointed due to misleading communication on China’s national sovereignty,” Swarovski commented.

“We have strengthened our global brand awareness and we will continue to review all our digital platforms globally to correct any inaccuracies,” the firm added.