Venice outlaws large ships from historic centre

The Italian Government has made a recent announcement of banning large cruise ship from entering Venice’s historic centre. Based on the new development, ships weighing more than 1,000 tonnes are to be rerouted from certain waterways, beginning September.

Owning to reports, the new move is seen as a consequence to the accident that took place in June, in which a ship collided with a dock and injured five people. In the city’s Giudecca canal, the MSC Opera – a 275m (900ft) long ship crashed into a dock, along with a small tourist boat.

However, conservationists have raised the concern, that government plans are still insufficient for prevention of underwater pollution and erosion.

According to the new development, liners will be forced to dock at Fusina and Lombardia terminals, which is far from the city centre. Furthermore, by end of 2020, a third of ships will be rerouted.

Critics have also brought to attention that the waves of cruise ships on the canal have resulted into erosion of the city which faces frequent flooding. There have been other complaints owning to the growing number of tourists.

Ships weighing more than 96,000 tonnes were banned by the government in 2013 from the Giudecca canal. However the legislation was later revoked.

Previously in 2017, the government had announced that larger ships would be rerouted from the historic centre, but it was expected that the plan would take four years to come into action.