Jakarta faces outage disrupting capital’s regular commute

Jakarta faces outage disrupting capital’s regular commute

Indonesia’s capital- Jakarta faced a 12 hour blackout beginning on Sunday. Although the power has been mostly restored in the city and surrounding areas, the incidence is known to have caused severe disruption to the city.

Home to nearly 10 million people, Jakarta’s blackout affected the capital’s metro system, in addition to interrupting the mobile networks.

Although outages are a common occurrence in the city, the recent power cut was uncommonly long. It began on Sunday midday at 5:00 local time and the power was restored nine hours later.

The business of the city’s international airport remained uninterrupted, while hospitals functioned with the help of backup power generators.

Train passengers also faced severe disarrangement. According to Ella Wasila, a commuter train passenger, she recorded an incident with regards to the outage episode: “The train stopped all of a sudden, we had to wait for a long time… There were so many babies in the coach, they were crying, and people were shouting ‘open the door’.”

The traffic in the city also experienced severe congestion, as traffic lights were switched off in some parts of the capital, leaving the traffic police to direct vehicles with the action of the hand.