British Airways reinstates flights as a result of suspension over Heathrow strike action

British Airways

A strike planned by workers at the Heathrow airport on Monday has been called off, owning to future talks of avoiding a walkout on Tuesday.

According to reports, 2500 workers planned to strike two days in a row, based on a dispute over payments. As a result, Heathrow cancelled 177 flights, which is about one flight in seven departures, after the unite Union rejected the worker’s offer on pay.

However, based on comments made by British Airways on the situation, the airline will allegedly reinstate flights from Heathrow, beginning on Monday. In addition, Air Canada, Etihad Airways and Aer Lingus have also reported to reinstate full flight schedule Monday onwards.

On the other hand, Virgin Atlantic has not cancelled its flights, but the airline alleges to move its flights from Heathrow to Gatwick. “These services will not revert back to the original London Heathrow schedule and will remain in place,” commented a spokesperson of Virgin Atlantic.

A statement released by a spokesperson for Heathrow said, “We regret that passengers have been inconvenienced by this and urge them to contact their airline for up to date information on the status of their service.”

Owning to reports, Qatar Airways, Lufthansa, Swiss, Flybe and TAP Air Portugal were some of the other airlines that confirmed cancellation of their flights, but they did not comment further on when they will reinstate their flights.

Additionally, Heathrow has warned, the security queues at the airport would be longer than usual, thus advising its passengers to arrive three hours earlier for long-haul departures and two hours before short-haul. As a result of growing complaints among passengers, the concerned Airlines had begun to contact expected passengers about the suspension on Monday’s strike plan. Moreover, the airlines have also reported to order restrictions on hand luggage, in order to speed up the process of boarding.

Heathrow has added, that passengers will be able to rebook flights on a different day, although the choices will be limited for August, being a busy holiday season. Furthermore, 4000 Unite members have voted to revise the airport’s pay deal and 88% have opted to strike.

“This latest vote for strike action points to growing anger among the airport’s workers in a whole range of vital jobs which are essential to the smooth and safe running of Heathrow,” according to Wayne King, co-ordinating officer of Unite regional.

“Airport bosses need to heed this latest strike vote and the overwhelming rejection by our members of the revised pay offer which offers little over and above the original offer of £3.75 extra a day for many workers,” he added.

On the other hand, discussions to avert a separate strike by pilots of British Airways continue. It is known, that the leaders of British Airline Pilots Association (Balpa) are in talks with the company with regards to solving the disputes over payment. In order to undertake an industrial action, the union is required to give a two weeks’ notice.