Saudi Arabia to grant women equal travel rights as men

According to a report by the royal decrees, women in Saudi Arabia will now be able to travel abroad, without the permission of a male guardian.

As per the new regulations, women over the age of 21, can also apply for a passport without the guided authorization from a male guardian, in addition to allowing all adults of the nation to apply for a passport and to travel without withholding women.

Owning to reports, the royal decrees has also granted women the right to register marriage, divorce and even child birth. The new plan also covers employment regulations which centers mainly on growing work opportunities for women. The law will allow every citizen the right to work, barring discrimination, gender, age or disability.

Until recently, women of Saudi Arabia had to seek permission from a male guardian, this could be a male relative, father or a husband, in order to obtain a passport and to travel abroad.

However, under the reign of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the regulations in the country have been lax. Previously the ban on women driving was lifted.

In 2016, he also revealed the plan to revamp the economy by 2030, focusing mainly on augmenting women’s contribution to the workforce from 22% to 30%. In spite, there have continually been incidence of women of Saudi Arabia seeking asylum in countries abroad, in order to tackle the issue of gender discrimination.