Particles of plastic found in the Arctic snow

Particles of plastic found in the Arctic snow

A recent study in the Arctic has revealed microscopic particles of plastic, falling from the sky along with snow. Scientists expressed shock after discovering the number of particles that were found, which was more than 10,000 per litre. This evidence…

smart devices

Now expect tweeting through unprecedented smart devices

  Smart technology has taken over all our lives substantially, so much so, that we have started to feel without it. In a recent episode, not just smart phones, but also washing machines, ovens and fridges can help us access…

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UK researchers conduct DNA tests to detect early presence of invasive species in water

Swarovski apologizes China for naming Hong Kong a country

  Swarovski has apologized to China for erroneously portraying Hong Kong as a country on its official website. The jewelry company has taken the ‘full responsibility’ for this mistake and has updated its websites worldwide as a consequence. Previously a…

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