Message-in- a- bottle to receive a reply after 50 years of its existence

Message-in- a- bottle

Ever wondered what happens to the notes pushed inside glass bottles, which are let to float and swim across the swaying ocean waters? In an interesting episode one of such messages- in- a bottle was found 50 years after it had been thrown in the Indian Ocean.

The author, Paul Gilmore was then 13 years old and was sailing with his family from the UK to Melbourne on a ship. On Tuesday, July, 16, his old note was found by Jyah Ellott who was out fishing with his father. Co-incidentally Ellott is also 13 years old.

Gilmore, who had written the note on November, 17, 1969, in it he mentioned he was travelling to Australia on the Fairstar ship. In his note, which also gave away his postal address, he urged for a reply from whoever found the note. Gilmore who works as a gardener and a business owner said, commenting on the episode; “I remember vividly how I sent those letters away. They were important to me – part of the adventure to the other side of the world.

“I loved reading adventure stories, Robinson Crusoe and the rest. I think I was hoping a beautiful girl on an exotic island would find it,” he said. Furthermore, he added, he was always hoping that a letter would come back to him.

Elliott allegedly found the note on the Eyre Peninsula, on the Talia Beach. At first when Elliott found the note, his father thought it was a hoax. However, Australian experts confirmed that the note was an authentic message from a German vessel.

In order to preserve the note, the duo broke the bottle and Jyah Elliott is now hoping to write Gilmore a letter responding to the old note. According to reports, Gilmore is presently on a cruise holiday and he should receive a response as soon as he returns.