Children stole a car and drove 900km in Australia


In a bizarre incident, four children in Australia packed fishing rods and money before they hit the road and drove 900km across Australia.

Three boys and a girl were discovered by police later in the New South Wales town of Grafton on Sunday. The children aged between 10-14 were found safe, reports confirm.

Four children packed fishing rods and money into a 4×4 before illegally driving themselves more than 900km (560 miles) across Australia, police say.

According to reports, the children had left the Queensland town of Gracemere on the weekend. One of the boys had also written a note to his family, notifying his leave.

The children belong to different families and had stolen the 4×4 from one of their parents. According to reports released by the police, the children would be pressed with charges, however the police had not yet revealed which ones.

Moreover, the children reportedly also stole petrol on their way, after they halted at 140 km into their journey. The service station was located in the town of Banana.

Video camera footage revealed that the vehicle was driven like normal, until one of the children got out of the vehicle to fill petrol, suspecting one of the employees. “He is really short. Look he barely even reaches the window,” reported the service station attendant.

Later on the same day, police located the vehicle in Glen Innes, a town near Grafton. Owning to reports, the police began pursuing the vehicle, however stopped the chase, afraid of the driver’s age.


The car was finally spotted in Grafton, halted at the road side. “(The children) locked themselves in the car and police have had to use a baton to get into the vehicle to arrest them,” reported Inspector Darren Williams from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Alleged by the police, the children might have shared the driving since the journey between Gracemere and Grafton would usually takes up to ten hours, which is ‘a pretty big journey’ for young children.

The children were to be interrogated later in the presence of their parents, concluded the police report.