Sadiq Khan rejects plans for construction of London’s Tulip Tower

Sadiq Khan rejects plans for construction of London’s Tulip Tower

London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan rejected proposal for building Tulip Tower. The City of London Corporation (CLC) had approved plans for the construction of a 1,000ft (305m) skyscraper- the tulip tower which was to be built in the Bury Street, beside the Gherkin tower. It was to be designed by the Foster + Partners

The tower which was claimed to be ‘truly unique’ and would in return also result in an upsurge of tourists visiting the city on the weekends. However, in London Review Panel, the capital city’s mayor stated that the tower would harm the city’s skyline.

Furthermore he advised CLC planners to reject the proposal on the basis of reasons mentioned in the panel, some of which stated the following: the design did not belong to the highest quality required for a building in such a location; the  tower’s proximity, height and material would have a negative impact on the Tower of London; the space around the tower was unsafe too prevent overcrowding and the tower failed to provide sufficient cycle parking spaces and which did not comply with London Plan for transport.

The Tulip “does not represent world class architecture, it lacks sufficient quality and quantity of public open space, and its social and environmental sustainability do not match the ambition of its height and impact on London’s skyline”, as cited by the London Review Panel.

In a statement about the Mayor’s rejection to the construction proposal, a spokesperson said the mayor “has a number of serious concerns with this application and having studied it in detail has refused permission for a scheme that he believes would result in very limited public benefit”.

The plan was supported by the Corporation’s Planning and Transportation Committee by 18 votes to seven. However difficulties in restricting ticket sale during peak hours, etc. were later imposed.