Waiting lists for NHS routine surgeries surges owing to complicated pension plans


NHS records growing number of waiting lists for routine surgeries, since surgeons cannot afford to work extra shifts. Owning to latest reports, waiting lists have increased to up to 50% in several parts of NHS providers in the country, because senior consultants are denying to work extra hours.

As a result of unexpected tax bills, NHS doctors are not keen on working beyond their planned hours of work. According to an NHS source, delays have hence become an impending routine.

The new pension rules laid in 2016 has also been attributed as a reason for the present condition. As a result, statement released by the department of Health has aimed to solve the problem by means of flexible pension plans.

As per the new pension rule, consultants who earned more than £110,000 a year had to face a new limit on their pension contributions from 2016. The rule also paved way for unpredictable charges in case the allowance exceeds limit. This has left the doctors with few options: reducing work hours, quitting NHS pension scheme plan or even an early retirement are some of the available choices.

According to a statement by NHS providers, senior staff was hence not willing to work on the weekends, thus resulting in the upsurge of waiting lists. Taking a cue from various NHS hospital staffers, pension problems was a major cause to the issue. As per the reports of the Guardian, 53 sessions of surgery and 150 procedures came to light pending until July 27, because of the unavailability of anaesthetists.

NHS providers added that an urgent solution was the need of the hour, while claiming that the government was working slowly towards it. The Department of Health on the other hand said it was finding out ways to make pension plans more flexible, in order to curb contributions of senior doctors as well as to avoid the allowance breach.