EU to shelter migrants from the Alan Kurdi ship

In the latest report on Europe Migrants crisis, Malta has rescued a group of 65 migrants from a ship. According to a statement by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, the rescued will be relocated to several other parts of the EU. The decision was allegedly taken after talks with the German government and the European Commission.

Furthermore, the group of migrants were brought ashore, after they were transferred to the Maltese navy from the Alan Kurdi rescue ship, named after the dead Syrian toddler. The German vessel, thus insinuates on the extreme conditions of refugees. The ship was denied permission in Italy and hence made way for Malta on Saturday, reports suggests.

In another episode, Malta officials said they had rescued 50 other migrants from a sinking ship on Sunday. According to a statement by the Sea-Eye, a permanent solution was crucial in the case of migrants in the Mediterranean.

As per reports of the German interior minister, Horst Seehofer, up to 40 migrants will be taken by the country from the both the reported vessels. “We cannot be responsible for boats with people rescued from shipwrecks on board spending weeks on the Mediterranean because they can’t find a port,” reported Seehofer in a statement. Furthermore, he implored Italy’s Salvini to reopen the ports to humanitarian ships.

In answer to Seehofer’s statement, Matteo Salvini commented, “Dear German government, I’m not reopening the ports… If anything we’re going to put… (the migrants) in a car and take them to the German embassy.”

Salvini is known to have maintained a strict stance towards migration issues. Furthermore, he has blamed humanitarian groups in the Mediterranean to have encouraged smuggling routes of North Africa. According to latest reports, the government had passed new laws announcing fines of up to €50,000 (£45,000; $56,000) for vessels that sail to Italian ports without prior permission.