Samsung held by Australian Consumer watchdog for fake water-resistant allegations

South Korea’s multinational conglomerate company, Samsung has been sued for making misleading claims about water-resistant phones.

An Australian consumer watchdog, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) alleged that phone advertisement of Samsung were misleading and ‘false’ claims were made about Samsung phones swimming and surfing, endorsing its immunity to water.

According to reports by ACCC, it had reviewed 300 Samsung phone advertisements before taking up a legal action against the company. In a statement by Samsung to Reuters, it said it stood by its assertions and would defend the allegations issued by ACCC.

A detailed statement released by ACCC suggested that Samsung advertisements showed that its phones lay unprotected in swimming pools, seawater, and this did not hamper with the phone device’s working.

Although Samsung adverts mention that their devices have the feature of an IP68 water resistance, this feature did not render to salt water and neither to water in swimming pools. Moreover, Samsung’s own website also advises to not use Galaxy S10 in a swimming pool or on the beach, according to reports of the consumer watchdog.  Should Samsung be found guilty, the company will have to pay a substantial amount of fine.

ACCC thus alleges that Samsung had not endorsed the longevity of its products up to the mark. “Samsung showed the Galaxy phones used in situations they shouldn’t be, to attract customers,” reports ACCC in a statement in the wake of the allegation.