In a first Amsterdam’s mayor overhauls sex trade in the city

In the latest news, Amsterdam’s mayor, Femke Halsema has called for make-over measures for the city’s red-light district.

As part of the new proposal, sex workers will not be allowed to stand in windows and calls for closure of brothels in city center. According to a statement released by the 53-year old mayor, the overhaul measures are taken in order to protect sex workers from inconsiderate tourist behavior and also to curb incidence of human trafficking. However, the new plan does not ban prostitution altogether.

“I think a lot of the women who work there feel humiliated, laughed at and that’s one of the reasons we are thinking about changing,” Halsema commented in a statement to Reuters.

As part of the new regulation, street window displays will be outlawed, city centre brothels will be closed down and moved elsewhere. Moreover, the number of brothels will be curbed, and an action will be taken against the license of window workers. Furthermore, the city will witness an ‘erotic city zone’ which will be equipped with an entrance gate.

The new measures will undergo a vote in the city council, which will take place later this year. The plan will be explained to residents and business members. Prostitution was made legal by the Dutch government in 2000, and has been one of the top tourist attractions in the city.

As per a report, it was alleged that the visibility of women prostitutes makes them feel safer than vulnerable. However, the idea of an erotic zone is welcomed, since it will curb disruption in the city center. Although, prostitutes require license to work in the windows, stepping up the license process will keep crime rate under control and will help to identify forced sex.

Some reports also allege, that instead of imposing strict rules for the prostitutes and people in business, tourists should be trained on respecting the sex worker’s space.