Targeting a consistent time of the day for exercise can help lose weight

A recent study published by research experts from Rhode Island’s Brown Alpert Medical School claim that daily timing of exercise regime played a key role in losing weight successfully.

The research led by Dale Bond and Leah Schumacher, studied 375 adults as part of the research experiment. The participants had successfully maintained weight loss and were reported to be engaged in moderate to vigorous intensity of physical exercises. Moreover, among the participants, it was observed that they exercised during early morning hours.

The research termed as Obesity study concluded that the timing in the physical activity played a crucial role in weight loss. According to the scientists, maintaining consistency in timing of physical exercise was linked with levels of physical activity. This was regardless of the fact, if people exercised during morning, afternoon or evening.

The researchers claim that their findings determined by promoting consistency in the time of day, individuals could attain higher and more accurate weight loss goals. According to the experts, their study warrants experimental research study for the future, “If planned and structured physical activity is performed, it can help individuals achieve and sustain higher levels of physical activity,” says Dale Bond, PhD.

Moreover, the results also claim the significance of specific time of the day, which can prove to be more advantageous to individuals who have a tendency towards low physical activity levels. By drawing attention to the importance of specific exercise time of the day, it can help individuals to develop a physical activity habit, according to Leah Schumacher, PhD.