Dalai Lama apologises for his comment on a possible female Dalai Lama Successor

One of the world’s most beloved spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, apologized for his recent remarks made on a woman successor. In an interview with the BBC last month, the leader spoke about the possibility that he might be succeeded by a woman in the future. With regards to this, he said that the female Dalai Lama should be ‘attractive’.

However, the 84-year old apologized for his comment later. Report from the Dalai Lama’s office suggested that he had been joking. “He is deeply sorry that people have been hurt by what he said and offers his sincere apologies,” as reported in a statement by his officials.

In the interview the Dalai Lama spoke about the refugees, and his hope of returning to Tibet. The Tibetan spiritual leader also voiced his unfavoured opinion about the US president Donald Trump as part of the interview. However, his comment on a future female Dalai Lama sparked controversy.

“If a female Dalai Lama comes, she should be more attractive,” the Buddhist monk commented in English, as he laughed.

In a statement on the episode, the officials added that the Dalai Lama had always been a keen supporter of gender equality and condemned objectification of women. The spokesperson also drew attention to the fact that intention of spoken context would change in translation, and humor as it might be amusing in one context, might not have the same intensity in the other language.

“Off the cuff remarks, which might be amusing in one cultural context, lose their humour in translation when brought into another. He regrets any offence that may have been given,” it said.

In another such statement about the refugees, the Dalai Lama commented, that the refugees from the European Union should be returning home. As a reply to this rather sensitive comment, the officials said, “He certainly appreciates that many of those who leave their countries may not wish or be able to return.”

However, the monk did not apologise for his comment on the US president in which he stated that Trump had a “lack of moral principle.”