10-year old wins a writing contest with no hands or prosthetics

A gifted girl from the US state of Maryland has proven that anything is possible. Sara won a handwriting contest, one of the most severe competitions that needs strict motor skills. Her achievement is laudable, because the ten year old has no hands, and neither prosthetics.

According to reports, the girl participated in a professional baseball game, owning to her creditable story.

Sara not only participated, but also won a writing competition of joined-up or cursive handwriting. The competition was part of the special needs category. According to reports, Sara developed her own technique to hold the pen. Her accomplishment is commendable because she uses no prosthetics.

“My sister, my dad, we used to practise riding a bike at the park. I kept failing. I really wanted to quit doing it. I’m happy that I didn’t because now it’s one of my favorite things to do,” says the 10 –year old inspirational Sara.

Her sister, Veronica helps her in many ways; zipping the coat, buttoning up, doing hair, etc. Moreover, Veronica also created a prosthetic hand for Sara to help her catch ping pong ball.

The ten-year old has not let her disability come in her way of creativity, she does painting and craft, along with her school mates. “I want to be a lawyer and become a president. Then go back to being a lawyer and then become a judge,” comments Sara on her professional aspirations.

The Orioles baseball team invited Sara to throw the first pitch at their game, after hearing her inspirational story.  “It was important for me to be there because I want other kids with disabilities to see that when you try your best you can do anything,” says Sara with regards to the baseball game.

On the occasion of the baseball event, Sara and her sister Veronica sported T-shirts with the family’s motto printed on it, ‘Be good, Be mighty, Do your best.’