Assaults in South London Park: Accused held in custody

Assaults in South London Park: Accused held in custody
Women Protesting against the Assaults on the women

A man has been held in custody owing to attacks of six women in South London over a span of two months. The incidences were reported to have taken place in a South Norwood Country Park, Croydon in South London.

As per reports, the victims were attacked during broad daylight between May 3 and June 21. The women were aged between the early 30s to mid-60s and were allegedly sexually assaulted.

Details of the man in question have not been revealed. However, with reference to reports released by the police, the accused is arrested and is been charged on suspicion of sexual assault and robbery. Sources allege, he was arrested on Monday, July 1.

In the wake of the situation, about 80 people took to protest and demanded safety measures for women. Additional patrols have carried out as a result of the attack.

A team of detectives investigating six separate cases of attacks on women reveals the incidences took place from May 3 to June 21. According to reports, the attacks happened during weekdays between 10.50am and 4.30pm.The victims were known to have visited the park either for jogging or walking. Among the six women, five have known to be accompanied by dogs.

The victims were sexually assaulted and in four cases, the accused either stole or attempted to steal the mobile phones of the victims.