UK Inventor targets Amputees in the Developing World with Creation of Prosthetic Limbs

A novel invention of prosthetic limbs for amputees is developed by an inventor in the UK, Ed Pennington-Ridge has designed the limb, keeping in mind the struggles of young amputees. Through his invention Pennington-Ridge targets amputees from the developing world, hoping the design will provide easy access to prostheses and thus help them in living a normal life.

Deemed as ‘the foot of the future’, the high-tech prosthesis leg costs less than £100 ($127).

The design helps to improve mobility by using a springy foot, in addition to a mobile ankle. Making amputees form the developing world his sole target, Ed Pennington-Ridge believes prostheses in the developing countries is rarely this advanced.

“It’s not necessarily a simple problem to solve. It’s got to be a nice springy prosthesis that is easy to produce at the right price. Something that can be mended easily. Something where the materials are going to last for a long time, in storage, at very high temperatures,” commented Ed Pennington-Ridge with regards to his latest invention.

Moreover, he added, conditions and facilities in a generalized developing world workshop were conducive for the kind of technology he had invented.

According to reports, the prosthesis was trialed last year by patients in Tanzania. Longini Mtalo, a prosthetist from Training Centre- Tatcot in Tanzania, reviewed Pennington-Ridge’s invention, “One of our clients was actually Massai. And you Massai are cattle-handlers and they traverse in very harsh environments. This guy was very happy with this foot. He reported much more freedom of movement wherever he goes with his cattle.” With regards to the cost of the foot, Mtalo regarded it as “affordable” to the population.

Owning to reports, the design is expected to undergo more trails in the future. After experiments with amputees, the leg has been rated as ‘responsive’ and ‘comfortable’.