Air India flight made precautionary landing in London as a result of hoax bomb threat

Air India flight

Air India flight

A passenger flight of Air India bound to the United States was diverted to London as a result of a fake bomb threat. According to officials, the flight was escorted by British fighter jets and it finally landed in London.

Landing decision of flight AI 191 from Mumbai to Newark on London Stansted Airport was called for, as a result of precaution taken after a hoax telephone call was allegedly made at the Mumbai airport with regards to the bomb threat.

However, according to a statement by the officials to Reuters, there was no security threat. Furthermore, Typhoon fighters were intercepted to Boeing 777-337 and the flight was safely escorted to Stansted.

The runway was reopened for the Air India flight and the flight landed at an isolated location with police force attending to the security measures.

“An Air India Boeing 777 diverted into London Stansted Airport at approximately 1015 and landed safely with Essex Police in attendance. It is parked on an isolated stand away from the normal airport operations,” according to a statement by airport officials. Moreover, “Our runway has now re-opened and is fully operational following a precautionary landing of Air India flight,” it added.

As per reports, more inquiries were to be progressed by British officials based on the incidence.