Europe sizzles in sweltering June temperature

Europe sizzles in sweltering June temperature

Europe sizzles in sweltering June temperature

The European summer has reached record temperature levels this year. Highest June temperatures have been recorded in Poland, Germany, and the Czech Republic. Weather forecast warns that the mercury is anticipated to rise in the coming days.

Furthermore, the temperature in France and Switzerland is forecasted to reach 40C on Thursday. As a result, France officials have issued health warnings. Meteorologists attribute the heatwave in Europe to hot air blown in from Northern Africa.

The heatwave has especially made headlines in France. Agnès Buzyn, France’s Minister for Solidarity and Health, for instance, defended the government, saying that the country is being alarmist about the conditions. Previously in 2003, France witnessed 15,000 extra deaths as a consequence of the climatic conditions.

The entire country is put on an orange alert, which is one level above red alert, thus highlighting alarming weather conditions in the country. Precautions have been extended at the school level, exams have been postponed and reports also allege complete closure of schools. Moreover, traffic conditions in major cities like Paris and Lyon have also been controlled in the wake of climate consequences.

On the other hand, Spanish officials have also announced a ‘significant risk’ of forest fires. Brandenburg area soared to a record high of 38.6C, which is a new high-temperature record in Germany. Another incidence of record high temperatures are experienced in Doksany in the Czech Republic and Radzyn in Poland with 38.9C and 38.2C respectively. Moreover, the temperature in the Alps in Switzerland has also peaked to 30C in certain areas. Meteorologists have warned of a heatwave in Spain expecting the temperature to soar to 45C on Friday.

The forecast suggests the UK will be spared of the heatwave conditions, with temperatures in London soaring to 30C on Saturday.

Meteorologists believe the extreme conditions like the heatwave are more likely to happen in the future, owing to climate change. Moreover, experts suggest rapid human-induced warming will also have serious repercussion on the climate.