Persistent drone activity interfere with Changi Airport’s transit

Persistent drone activity interfere with Changi Airport’s transit

Incidences of unauthorized drone flying has interrupted daily regime at Singapore’s Changi Airport. According to a report by the country’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAAS), for the second time in a week, the activity of drones had caused a disruption. Changi Airport being a major transit hub, the disruption caused owning to drone activity has specially made headlines.

As a result, 18 flights had been delayed and seven others were diverted due to bad weather and drone activity over the airport. Moreover, the source added, in a similar incident last week, one runway was suspended at the airport and a dozen flights were delayed after reported drone sightings. Such interruptions have however been a matter of security concern for many airports around the world, as incidents with drones are gaining prominence. Drone activity caused a chaotic situation when the journey of 140,000 passengers was disrupted in December at the Gatwick airport.

In a statement released by the CAAS on Tuesday, it commented, “15 departures and 3 arrivals were delayed and 7 flights were diverted due to bad weather and unauthorized drone activities. Members of the public are reminded that the authorities take a serious view of errant operations of unmanned aircraft which may pose threats to aviation or endanger the personal safety of others.”

The CAAS also warned that offenders were likely to face fine of worth $20,000 Singapore dollars or twelve months in prison on violation. CASS shed light on the gravity of the situation by bringing forth another incident where 37 flights were delayed and one flight was diverted owning to drones flying in close proximity of the Changi Airport.

For security measures, airports are resorting to anti-drone technology. Gatwick and Heathrow airports are the latest examples to have adopted such technology. Allegedly, the airports have spent millions of pounds over it.