London’s Court reverses a forced abortion ruling

London’s Court reverses a forced abortion ruling

In a rare case of abortion, a woman won the London court’s appeal. A woman’s daughter was claimed mentally ill and thus unfit for taking care of the child. The mother, however, refused the verdict of abortion and said that she was willing to take care of the baby.

Three Court of Appeal judges in London had reached a decision that suggested to end the pregnancy. According to reports, the case was led by Lady Justice King, Lord Justice McCombe, and Lord Justice Peter Jackson. The decision was announced owing to the mental age of the woman’s daughter. Allegedly the judges were told that the 22 weeks pregnant daughter was in her 20s, but had a mental age of six or nine. Moreover, it was claimed that the daughter had a “moderately severe” mood and learning disorder.

This assertion was supported by three specialists that included two psychiatrists and an obstetrician. According to a statement by the experts, termination of the pregnancy was in the best interests of the 22- year old. According to the reports, the pregnancy would risk the pregnant woman’s psychiatric health, in addition to a risk on the baby’s behavior.

However, the lawyers representing the pregnant woman, the mother, and a social worker residing in London who has also allegedly worked with the pregnant woman, were in favor of the pregnancy.

As per reports, in a hearing at the Court of Protection, senior members of the hospital trust appealed the court to terminate the pregnancy. However, in what is seen as an ‘enormous decision’, at Monday’s appeal hearing, barristers Victoria Butler-Cole QC and John McKendrick QC argued that the previous ruling of termination of pregnancy was wrong.