Report analyses projects that generate revenue from CO2 products

converting CO2 into polymers, fertilizers,

Latest reports of a meeting held in Germany highlight the efforts of scientists who are improvising on ways to generate money from carbon dioxide. The project is directing efforts in generating products beneficial for humans, by transforming CO2 that is overheating the planet.

The team of scientists is already contributing to the novel projects that are converting CO2 into polymers, fertilizers, fuels, building blocks, proteins, and foams. However, according to experts, energy-intensive firms that burn gas to fuel processes would require to capture the carbon emissions and bury it underground.

This discovery paved the way for scientists to utilize CO2 as a raw material product. According to a statement by Katy Armstrong, the manager of the Carbon Utilisation Centre at Sheffield University, “We need products for the way we live – and everything we do has an impact. We need to manufacture our products without increasing CO2 emissions, and if we can use waste CO2 to help make them, so much the better.”

The report also sheds light on carbon usage firms, which in reality take in more carbon than they produce. This fact makes the status of the firms carbon-negative. The report by research experts investigate businesses in the UK that are already generating revenue through CO2.

Some of such products generated by the carbon usage firms include the production of CO2 to fertilizers, CO2 to beer bubbles, and CO2 to building blocks.

Moreover, a project report also confirms that about seven gigatonnes of CO2 could be absorbed and locked up into new products.