Butter and Coffee: the Biohack ingredient of popular Bulletproof coffee

bulletproof coffee

Founder of Bulletproof Coffee, Dave Asprey is an enthusiastic biohacker. A neologist term that combines science and technology and ‘hacks’ biology to improve health, barring the conventional methods.

Asprey’s lifestyle is exemplary for a biohacker. He aspires to live for 180 years. In regards to his quest, the 45-year old commented, “I don’t think it is science fiction at all, someone’s got to do it, and I’m willing to die trying.” Moreover, Asprey also has part of his bone marrow removed after every six months, in order to extract stem cells to be injected in his entire body. If that’s not enough, the immortality fanatic also devotes time in a cryotherapy chamber. He uses liquid nitrogen to chill his body and ‘bathes’ in infrared light, with electrodes attached to his head, in order to improve the functions of his brain. Until now these endeavors have costed Asprey more than $1m.

The expensive lifestyle of Asprey can be afforded through profits acquired from his popular bio hack coffee brand, Bulletproof. The Seattle based coffee brand has witnessed growing popularity and is made of three components: black coffee, butter and purified form of coconut oil. The original versions of bulletproof coffee are available widely across the US as well as internationally. Around 160 million cups of the coffee brand have allegedly been sold since its invention in 2012.

According to reports, Bulletproof will further encourage investment of $68m and will endorse, T-shirts, diet books and protein bars in the future. Critics, however, speculate over the health benefits of adding butter to coffee. Moreover, they criticized Asprey’s inadequate knowledge of the medical and nutritional field.

Asprey, however, affirms that the drink changed his life and that it “allowed him to lose 100lbs”. He got the inspiration for the recipe of Bulletproof coffee from his sojourn to the Tibet, where he was offered tea with yak butter. He improvised on his own version on returning home. Moreover, he added his element of a “brain octane oil”, a purified form of coconut oil to the health drink.

“I’m okay being part of a 4,000-year-old fad,” Asprey adds as an explanation to his invention, thus defending his product from critics.