Six mountaineers rescued from Hindu Kush mountain range

Six mountaineers rescued from Hindu Kush mountain range

Recent report suggests that six mountaineers were rescued from the Hindu Kush mountain range. Among them four were Italians and two were Pakistan nationalities.

The mountaineers were rescued via a helicopter on Tuesday from the remote area of Ghizer district which lies in the vicinity of the Afghan border. According to the reports, the mountaineers climb was interrupted due to an avalanche that struck on Monday. One of the members of the group, succumbed to the circumstances. The climber is reported to be Mohammad Imtiaz, a Pakistani national. His body will be brought later as per a report from the officials. However, the other six did not suffer any perilous injuries. The adventure enthusiasts were allegedly scaling a 5,000m (17,000ft) peak.

The climbers were treated at a Military Hospital in the city of Gilgit, Naiknam Karim, according to a report shared by the chief executive of Adventure Tours of Pakistan. The group of four Italian climbers was led by Tarcisio Bellò. According to a statement released by his wife, Isabella Bellò, Tarcisio Bellò had suffered broken bones as a consequence to the accident.

The Hindu Kush mountain range also known as Ancient Greek, the Caucasus Indicus or Paropamisadae is a treacherous 800-kilometre-long mountain range. It stretches from the to northern Pakistan. The area is particularly popular among climbers owning to its high peaks. The destination has also witnessed many accidents in the recent past.mountain mountain range

In March for instance, bodies of Daniele Nardi and Tom Ballard, an Italian and Britain Nationals respectively were rescued two weeks after their disappearance.