Finish Radio aired finale news in Latin after 30 years of its functioning

Finish Radio aired finale news in Latin after 30 years of its functioning

A famous news bulletin on Finnish radio has terminated its much-admired broadcast in Latin. Since the past thirty years, the finish radio has been running news in Latin on Fridays via Yle public broadcaster.

The first broadcast was aired on September 1, 1989. Professor Tuomo Pekkanen and lecturer Virpi Seppala-Pekkanen have been the venerable members of the programme, ‘Nuntii Latini’ (News in Latin), but the show has had many new recruits of writers and newsreaders since its functioning. In the wake of the finale, Professor Pekkanen announced, “Judging by the feedback, Nuntii Latini will be missed around the world – and we send our warm thanks to you all for these past years!”

According to reports, Nuntii Latini had started off as an experiment, but soon it became exemplary in modern Latin studies. Some of the remarkable news bulletins of Nuntii Latini include the reports on Asian tsunami and the Twin Towers attack in New York, according to Reijo Pitkaranta of Helsinki University’s Classics Department.

Yle’s creative director, Ville Vilen also remarked upon Nuntii Latini’s contribution to radio and lauded it for its “unique cultural contribution.” Vilen shed light on the broadcaster’s limited resources which preferred to focus on Finland rather than on 500-800 Latin enthusiasts. The finale bulletin was aired last Friday evening. However, broadcasts dating back to 2011 are archived and available to the audience.

Moreover, the advent of the internet has produced more resources to Latin speakers, this attributed as a major reason for the shutdown of Nuntii Latini. The report however also suggests that Nuntii Latini’s contribution would always be cherished since it helped to coin many new words which were not available in the ancient Latin form, such as the term ‘interrete’ for internet.