American Neurological Study yet to Accommodate LGBTQ Specific Treatment

LGBTQ Specific Treatment

Gender affirmation has become germane to accepting oneself. Where inequality and the resulting behavior, is the manifestation of the lowest form of human interaction, accepting disparities as a part of the biological and neurological make requires further inquiry in the medical arena.

This is where Gender affirmation care plays a pivotal role and this is where a serious lack is found. A pioneering study in the USA concluded that a staggering number of American Neurologists reportedly, do not consider the gender orientation of their patients while treating them. Having lasting impact from early childhood, marking them through adolescence and consolidating in adulthood, sexual orientation has been known to define identities. There also have been a history of struggle, related literature, and causes that continue to form the crux of the movement of acceptance.

In light of this continued revolution and rapidly developing understanding that has stemmed from modern psychology, the absence of education of the same is ironical. LGBTQ patients need special care and separate models of treatment. This group has shown a higher rate of mortality compared to their heterosexual counterparts due to this deficit in the planned treatment and knowledge provided to them.

Sexual orientation can have a direct bearing, can hinder the progress or result in failure if treated with poorly equipped tools of diagnosis.

The positive facet to the research was the willingness of Neurologist to design their Neurological Care plans to suit individual orientation. More than 36 % showed a keen interest in learning and imbibing this change in their study and treatment. Though the subject of the study was the treatment of LGBTQ patients, it also focused on gender minorities who treat and are healthcare providers.