UK Special Forces direct plans toward Russian missions

UK Special Forces direct plans toward Russian missions

A new plan called the ‘Special Operations Concept’ by the SAS and other UK Special Forces (UK SF) is underway. Drawn by senior in charge of Special Forces and Director Special Forces (DSF) the plan will counter Russian and other Special Forces group around the world.

Sources suggest the new project will change the structure and the workings of the SF units. According to reports, the plan is currently considered by the military chief, Whitehall and will be later sent to ministers for approval.

The new plan will allegedly take place in a Baltic republic or in an African country and will uncover Russian secret activities. Since the Ministry of Defence does not disclose information on the UK Special Forces, it is suggested that the SF units will approve low-profile actions and in such places that will make it difficult for conventional troops.

Sources suggest the new plan will operate in less ‘kinetic’ or less violent locations. The decision has been made as a consequence to the severe missions in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

“The counter-terrorist task is drawing down, while the need to confront dangerous international behavior by peer adversaries is increasing,” reports a source in connection to the new mission. Therefore, the DSF is considering new priorities for units based on financial stringency.

It is believed by military chiefs in the UK that Russia is expanding its military intelligence in Africa, Syria, and Ukraine through GRU. “Right now, you do nothing or you escalate,” one senior officer says. “We want to expand that competitive space.” According to the UK government, the Russian intelligence arm GRU was behind the 2018 Salisbury attack.