Landmark Tower in Afghanistan’s Ghazni city collapses

Landmark Tower in Afghanistan’s Ghazni city collapses

A landmark ancient tower in the city of Ghazni in Afghanistan has collapsed. The tower was part of the 32 towers of the Ghaznian Fort in the old city of Ghazni situated in central Afghanistan.

The crumbling of the tower has steered criticism regarding the poor maintenance of artifacts by the government. The concerned officials instead blamed weather conditions, like heavy rainfall for the collapse of the fort tower, “vulnerable to rainfall and mostly damaged by rain”, commented Mohammad Saber Mohmand, a spokesman for the ministry of information and culture. Moreover, “The main highway is located near the fort, which affects the towers,” the minister said.

Ghazni residents report that the government has neglected the historic monument in spite of warnings. Reports allege that an investment of about one million euros was reserved for the maintenance of the fort in 2012. Moreover, a request for approval by the Ministry of Information and Culture to avoid threats to other towers in the future is in progress.

The ancient city of Ghazni has been popular for its typical Islamic and pre-Islamic architectural style. The city has however remained closed to tourists due to the Taliban insurgency.

The collapsed minaret was built in the twelfth century. Social media is loaded with umpteen videos of the collapse of the tower.