Controversial coal mine project in Australia gets thumbs up

Controversial coal mine project in Australia gets thumbs up

Approval for building a coal mine in Australia has finally been sanctioned. The construction has been subject to delay due to environmental concerns. However, the approval finally saw the light of the day after receiving federal approval on Thursday.

The mine will be built in Queensland’s Galilee Basin and will be constructed by Indian Multinational conglomerate, Adani Group. However, opponents to the project argue over the true impact of the project. The approval for the procrastinated project will initiate the development of six more mines in the region. “As custodians of the world’s greatest coral reef system, Queensland and Australia have to lead by example and show there’s a bright future for everybody that’s beyond coal,” opposes Shani Tager, a spokeswoman for the Australian Marine Conservation Society. “Instead, they’ve approved a new fossil fuel project which will put more pressure on our reef.” Reports suggest that the government has approved a separate plan in the wake of protection of the black-throated finch, which is an endangered species of the region.

The proposal for the Carmichael mine project was initiated a decade ago. Over the course of time, the project has seen some lows, especially to employment. In the beginning, the project was to pave way for employment of 10,000 people, the number, however, has been reduced, to what was previously considered as the ‘biggest in the world’, the project will now allow “1,500 direct and 6,750 indirect jobs”.

According to reports, construction will commence within days, if not for additional approvals for Adani owing to exports to India and other Asian countries. Allegedly Adani plans to carry out extraction of coal and transport it to coastal port at Abbot Point by train. Earlier the project has faced several protests in regards to pro-and anti-coal forces.

The project has however now seeking approval from the government of Prime Minister Scott Morrison who is a supporter of power and hence to the mine project.