Unicef declares UK as the least family friendly country of Europe

child care

A recent study conducted by Unicef declared the UK as one of the worst places in Europe for affordable quality childcare and parental leave.

For the study, the UN targeted 31 countries based on their duration of maternity and paternity leave. The research also analyzed number of pre-school children above and below the age of three and those in childcare.

The UN’s children’s charity voted UK as the top worst country, followed by Greece, Cyprus and Switzerland.  Moreover, the study blamed UK parents for not using childcare.

Liam Sollis, advocacy head and Unicef policy said in a statement about the research that UK parents were faced with severe challenges, especially those of balancing work life and child care. The research concluded that effective family-friendly policies of the government strengthened the bond between families and society. Moreover, six month’s paid leave and affordable quality childcare was the key to the development.

The UK offers six weeks leave with 90% of average weekly earnings to new mothers; 33 weeks at £149 per week and a two week’s statutory paternity leave with £149 per week.

In the study, Sweden, Norway, and Iceland topped the charts for best paternity leaves and quality child care.