Women accomplishments suffer due to gender gap suggests research by Cardiff University

Cardiff University

Recent research of 24 top universities in the UK which included about 2,270 academics reveals that women ranks do not rise in academics in comparison to men, even though they share the same credentials and personal circumstances, such childcare. The research brought to notice that a greater number of men reached higher positions and seniority levels than women, although parenthood was taken into consideration.

A reason attributed by researchers from Cardiff University suggests that such incidences may be due to discrimination against women. Moreover, a spokesperson from the university said they were also affected by cases of “the gender gap”.

For the study, a team of researchers at Cardiff selected 2270 academics from random subject fields from top-end universities. These institutions were part of the 24 Russell Group research-led universities, considered as some of the most prestigious educational organizations in the UK. “This important work from Cardiff University reminds us that academia continues to suffer the gender gap we see in many professions and organisations,” says Jess Cole, director of policy at the Russell Group. Furthermore, the experts divided the participants into five different grades based on job titles, and on the basis of personal factors such as age, gender, number of dependent children and responsibility for household chores.

The study results by Gender and Academic Rank in the UK revealed that there was a negative link between being a woman and the possibility of being employed at a senior level. Such incidences were common even though the women’s accomplishments in research, their age and other qualifications were favorable for employment opportunities in senior roles.

This study has been published in the online journal Sustainability.