Snowfall and wild weather warning in Australia

Snowfall and wild weather warning in Australia

Recent records report of unusual snowfall across parts of Eastern Australia, including northern areas, as far as subtropical Queensland and the Blue Mountains. A statement issued by Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology described the sudden incidence as ‘rare,’ denoting the fact that the state had not received snowfall since as late as 2015. Moreover, meteorologist Lachlan Stone also reported that the snowfall was an unusual occurrence in a state with a sub-tropical climate.

The swerve in weather conditions has called for desperate measures, such as road closures and for people to remain indoors. Wild weather warnings and gale force winds have been raised for 1,000 kilometers for cities including Sydney. In Sydney, ferry services have been canceled owing to harbor swell. Moreover, reports suggest a gust of 91km/h at 10 am at Sydney Airport.

According to reports, snow up to 5 centimeters was recorded in Katoomba, Blackheath and white snow was also experienced in the areas of the Blue Mountains. As a result, the Great Western Highway at Katoomba, Mount Victoria and Blackheath has been closed down along with a section of the Bells Line of Road.

“It’s enough to cause road issues and enough to fold the branches of the trees from the weight of the snow,” reports Jordan Notara from the Bureau of Meteorology.

The weather bureau has issued warnings about strong winds along the New South Wales coastline; winds as strong as 90km/h (55mph). “These winds will whip up heavy surf conditions, making coastal activities dangerous,” records a spokesperson from the bureau. Furthermore, Qantas and Virgin Australia have warned that wild weather could affect flights and has urged travelers to check with their airlines for updates on flight commute.

Winter commences from June in Australia, however, the continent has experienced extreme weather conditions including the hottest summer last year, droughts, bushfires, and floods.