University of Arkansas
Persistent drone activity interfere with Changi Airport’s transit
London’s Court reverses a forced abortion ruling

London’s Court reverses a forced abortion ruling

In a rare case of abortion, a woman won the London court’s appeal. A woman’s daughter was claimed mentally ill and thus unfit for taking care of the child. The mother, however, refused the verdict of abortion and said that…

Eurostar introduces alcohol limits on the train

Eurostar introduces alcohol limits on the train

In order to maintain ‘a pleasant environment’ on board, Eurostar has restricted the number of alcohol passengers can carry on the train. According to reports, passengers will now be allowed to carry only one bottle of wine or maximum of…

University of British Columbia

Babies can connect language to ethnicity, confirms research

A new study in the field of Developmental Psychology confirms that infants can link language with ethnicity. The study led by a team from the University of British Columbia concluded that 11-month old babies when conversing in Cantonese looked often…

UK Police force of West Midlands provides a safeguard of £7m for knife crime emergency
converting CO2 into polymers, fertilizers,

Report analyses projects that generate revenue from CO2 products

Latest reports of a meeting held in Germany highlight the efforts of scientists who are improvising on ways to generate money from carbon dioxide. The project is directing efforts in generating products beneficial for humans, by transforming CO2 that is…


Courtship pattern among male wolf spiders makes them an easy prey

Scientists from the University of Cincinnati have directed research efforts in analyzing courtship dance of wolf spiders, in which the spiders wave their furry forelegs in the air. According to the study published in the journal, Behavioural Processes, this characteristic…

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