Research shares potent link between stress and Facebook

Research shares potent link between stress and Facebook

Team of Mental Health Research and Treatment Center at Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) has revealed friends on social media are a great source of comfort to people who are under stress, the research team led by Dr Julia Brailovskaia concludes in the study that stressed users develop pathological dependence on the social networking site, Facebook, leading to Facebook addition.

The team carried out their research based on evidence collected from 309 Facebook users aged between 18 and 56. The team records in their study that students are often put under pressure in order to succeed in the domains of housing, finances and relationships. The team calculated the daily time spent on Facebook and their emotions when they can’t be online. The researchers also questioned the amount of support people received online and offline.  “We have specifically invited students to participate in the survey, as they often experience a high level of stress for a number of reasons,” says Brailovskaia.

The results proved that people who did not receive support by family and friends, sought for comfort online, thus developing the risk of Facebook addiction. “Our findings have shown that there is a positive relationship between the severity of daily stress, the intensity of Facebook engagement, and the tendency to develop a pathological addiction to the social networking site,” reports Julia Brailovskaia.

Furthermore, the research concluded that such users spent a great amount of time on Facebook, and felt uneasy when they couldn’t be online. This kind of pathological behavior affected their life offline, trapping the users in a vicious circle. Brailovskaia says that this condition is been considered when a person is treated with a pathological addiction.

The study has been published in the journal Psychiatric Research on May 13 2019.