Here is the reason why electric cars have become so popular in Norway

Norway electric cars

Norway electric cars

Every car in Oslo is electric, one can tell from the license plate which is marked with an E to denote the type of car.

In Norway, one can drive on the bus lane, park for free and get a 25% tax credit when one buys an electric car, these reasons are sufficient for electric cars to gain popularity among people. In Oslo, electric cars are the simplest types of car. Moreover, they are easy to drive and also affordable. The popularity of electric cars is also related to how government taxes such as cars.

In a statement recorded by Christina Bu, General Secretary of the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association, she said: “We have a system where we tax cars that we do not want, i.e. gasoline and diesel engines that pollute the environment, and we do not tax electric cars economic incentives.”In this way, the country strategically forces people to make the right choice.

In March 2019, 59% of the new cars sold in Norway were electric. However, reports indicate that tax relief is not the only thing that makes people drive electrically. People with electric cars can also drive on the bus lane, which ensures a faster ride, parking for electric cars is free and if that does not drive people towards the electronic car, the chargers for the cars are also free. The only challenge faced by the vehicle association is to improve on the infrastructure for charging.

In the wake of the popularity of electric cars in Oslo, the mayor, Marianne Borgen, said in a statement: “This is about the future of your grandchildren. It’s about the health of the people in the city. Because planet and climate change can be very abstract for many people in some ways. But it is not. It’s about our daily life. It’s about health. It’s about the future.”