Stansted Airport of London termed worst for flight delays

Stansted Airport of London

Stansted Airport of London

A recent investigation has declared the Stansted Airport of London as the worst airport for flight delays. London Stansted is known to be the fourth busiest airport in the UK and delays were often attributed to “adverse weather and air traffic control issues”.

The decision was based on the average flight delays at the airport, and Stansted recorded an average delay time of 25 minutes. Stansted’s main users are low-cost airlines like the Ryanair and the eastern European airlines.

A spokesperson for London Stansted reported, “A particularly challenging summer last year, adverse weather and air traffic control issues had a dramatic impact on airline on-time performance”. He added that an investment of Ryanair to elevate the ground operations has helped the airport to make significant service improvements in the present.

The investigation studied scheduled and chartered flights from 24 major airports in the UK. Canceled flights were not included as a part of the survey. London’s Luton Airport and Birmingham followed next after Stansted on the scale of worst performance airport with an average delay time of 19 minutes.

In respect to the investigation, editor of Which? Travel recorded in a statement, “It’s completely unacceptable for passengers to be regularly delayed by nearly half an hour. These delays aren’t just an inconvenience but can leave holidaymakers hundreds of pounds out of pocket because of missed connections, transfers and fines for picking up their hire car late.”

Belfast City was recorded with the best performance with only eight minutes of average delay time, followed by Liverpool with ten minutes of average delay.