Klatch Coffee in San Francisco puts coffee worth $75 on menu

Klatch Coffee

Klatch Coffee

Klatch Coffee in San Francisco is offering coffee worth $75. The coffee is made from award-winning coffee beans known as Elida Geisha Natural. These are grown in Panama City in Florida and are sold for $803 per pound, making them the most expensive coffee in the world.

Klatch Coffee, a café endorses its brand as the best coffee roasters of the world. Lately, it is offering a cup of coffee ranging from $4 to its most prized coffee of $75. When asked why people should pay for such an expensive a cup of coffee, the owner of Klatch coffee, Bo Thiara said, “This won the ‘Best of Panama’ competition, which is really like the Grammys of coffee.”

According to reports, there is only 100lbs of Panama coffee left in the world, out of which Klatch coffee has about 10lbs which accounts to about 80 cups of coffee from the precious Panama coffee beans. Moreover, Klatch Coffee is the only place in the US to sell this coffee which ultimately attributes to its expensive rate. The treasured coffee of $75 is stored in a safe in individual packets at Klatch Coffee.

Bo Thiara reported, that his cafe has already sold about 20 cups and given away another 20 for tasting.

Kopi luwak, Black Ivory coffee and Finca El Injerto coffee are also regarded as one of the most expensive coffees in the world. They are sold at the rate of ranging from $160/pound to more than $500/pound.