In Russia it is easy to acquire personal data and bank account details

In Russia it is easy to acquire personal data and bank account details

Reports of recent data breaches by Russian hackers have revealed that it is easy to buy personal data such as passport and account details in Russia. Experts of cyber-security has confirmed that a large quantity of private and confidential data in addition to information from Russian state institutions is bought and sold every day in Russia.

According to reports, it is quite easy to avail services of a hacker in Russia. Scammers, private detectives have access to search illegal and limitless personal data. Moreover, the whole affair is allegedly also not cumbersome, people can hire hackers to gain information on private mobile phone records, passport and even bank details, including data on security codes, mobile phone records, etc. Furthermore, the market of this illicit business in only booming in Russia.

Allegedly information on this illegitimate trade can be acquired through law cases. It is reported that only a few people are prosecuted for selling confidential data in Russia, however it is through these trials that information is acquired on this persistent trade and its network.

Last year, Dutch authorities revealed names of people involved in spying. Addresses of these individuals were found in the secret and ministry controlled Russian car registration database. They were found to be working in a building in Moscow, run by the Russian Military Intelligence. The Dutch revelation was an embarrassing episode for the Russians, who take pride in the competitiveness of their intelligence services.

Although Russia’s intelligence services have the repute of excellence, recent reports suggest that it is also quite easy to acquire secret personal data in Russia.