School students from Australia and New Zealand participate in ‘Fridays For Future or School Strike for Climate’

Fridays for the Future

On Friday school students from Australia and New Zealand have gone on strike in order to mark the beginning of worldwide day of climate change protests. The protest is a consequence to the movement started by pioneer of climate change, Greta Thunberg. The 16-year old protested outside Sweden’s parliament in 2018 and vowed to carry out a ‘school strike for climate change’ and refused to attend school until action in regard to climate change was taken by politicians of Sweden.

Organizers of the current protest of school students in New Zealand and Australia expect the participation of more than one million young people from at least 110 countries on Friday, in wake of ‘Fridays For Future or School Strike for Climate’. Previously, an international protest took place on March 15 wherein 1.6 million students walked out of school and participated in the campaign from 125 countries. The protest that began today in New Zealand and Australia will allegedly be picked up in other countries across Africa, Asia, America and Europe.

Highest global carbon emissions were recorded in 2018, and a UN report warned of curbing carbon emissions over the next twelve years. Moreover, the UN also issued a warning of extinction of one million animal and plant species, which were under a threat owing to the deadly carbon emissions.

“I’m worried about all the weather disasters. Every time we have huge a bushfire here another animal might go extinct,” said Nina Pasqualini, a 13-year-old, who participated at a rally in Melbourne. Australia recorded the hottest summer temperature in 2018.

Climate change has been the reason of growing number of severe droughts, floods, heat waves and melting of glaciers around the world.