Greenpeace Activists block entrances of BP headquarters

Greenpeace Activists block entrances of BP headquarters

In the latest, Green Peace activists have blocked the entrances to the headquarters of British Petroleum (BP). The protestors had placed themselves inside five large containers obstructing BP’s head office in central London.

By using cranes, some of the campaigners transported the heavy boxes in the early morning hours at St James Square, while others abseiled down the building, in order to block windows and to display banners. Reports suggest that the boxes are custom made and fit perfectly in the entrance frame, blocking the entry to the BP offices, except for the fire exit.  The campaign will allegedly last for a few days, a report suggested by Greenpeace says the activists have enough water and food inside the containers.

With this, the Greenpeace wishes to close down BP’s headquarters for an entire week of Annual General Meeting (AGM). Reports suggest AGM of BP is to take place in Aberdeen on Tuesday. With this protest, Greenpeace wishes to end exploration for oil and gas and draw attention to investments in renewable energy. As a consequence, four people were arrested for trespassing.

In comparison to Extinction Rebellion (XR), the Greenpeace protest is not as severe as XR, which had blocked off main arteries in central London. Although the protest has blocked the building, restricting the staff’s entry, the Greenpeace protest is quieter and has caused little disruption to businesses, shoppers, and tourists.

Reports suggest that the entire road to the BP building has been closed down by the police and is thus inaccessible to the public. Allegedly, two Greenpeace protesters are stationed inside every box, while there are more sitting on the top of the boxes.