Chickens fly high in this Bangkok Restaurant


Kratorn Restaurant in Bangkok is running since 1986, and it is not known for its 33 years of establishment, but for its quirky and entertaining service.  Being one of Thailand’s staples, paucity of a delectable chicken dishes is a rare experience. In such a case, it would only take an outstanding service experience to set the dish apart. This is where the Kratorn restaurant comes into play. Ka-Torn stands for flying chicken in Thai and the service offers a visual representation to the hotel name.

A show is put up while the signature dish of the restaurant is served. Waiters, commonly known as ‘flying chicken catchers’ at the restaurant, arrive on unicycles and the entire fired chicken is been catapulted by them on their heads. Thongchai Rattapiphop, the founder and owner of the restaurant says the inspiration for flying chicken was drawn from a Norwegian movie he had seen. In the film, the Vikings used catapults to shoot fireballs. Rattanpiphop used the same concept for serving food in his restaurant.

The restaurant has served many generations in its long-standing history of thirty-three years. The place is presently been run by Rattapiphop’s son, who is, in turn, training his own sons to follow the legacy. Moreover, the flying chicken catchers are also training the fourth generation of servers to master the art of unicycle and catapulting. A waiter spokesperson at the restaurant emphasized that many chickens are dropped during the training process, these chickens are not served then. The restaurant also encourages diners to participate in the show; ones who can pull it off are then awarded a toy ‘super chicken’.

The restaurant serves up to 50-60 whole chickens daily. The chicken is deep fried and crispy on the outside, a signature sauce and the non-spicy recipe of the chicken makes it popular among foreign tourists, the owner added. Hungry yet?