A group of men in a jar underlines savings for prostate cancer

Prostate Cancer UK had a group of men standing in a large

In a recent awareness stunt, Prostate Cancer UK had a group of men standing in a large, glass jar on the South Bank, London. The mission of Prostate Cancer UK was to prevent men from falling victims to prostate cancer. It is a registered charity in England, Wales and Scotland that funds research in prostate cancer and allegedly invests millions in treatments and tests owning to screening programs that detect cancer at an early stage.

The installation highlighted the latest campaign run by Prostate Cancer UK, which emphasizes the growing number of men yielding to the disease each year in London. The figure released by the organization records a number of 4,400 men diagnosed with the disease.

As an explanation to the campaign at South Bank, Angela Culhane, Chief Executive of Prostate Cancer UK said in a statement, “Our campaign celebrates men, and demonstrates what we lose if our dads, brothers, sons, and partners continue to die early from prostate cancer.”

She added that the jar represents a safe box, calling attention to investments necessary for the cure of the disease. “As our jar symbolizes, men are worth saving and we need everyone who feels the same way to join us to stop prostate cancer being a killer,” she said.