Round Table Books – a UK bookshop celebrates diversity

Round Table Books - a UK bookshop celebrates diversity

A recently inaugurated bookshop was started with the sole purpose to celebrate books featuring protagonists from diverse races. Round Table Books in Brixton, London was started with the purpose of providing children the opportunity to read books which gives attention to BAME characters; BAME stands for Back, Asian, Minority Ethnic. Result of a study previously concluded that only 1% of children’s book promote BAME as main story characters.

The founders of the pop-up bookshop, Aimée Felone and David Stevens aim to elevate the access to such books composed by BAME writers. Furthermore, the team also wishes to call attention to the range of books which celebrate neurodiverse, LGBT and disabled characters.  In a statement, the owners said they received an overwhelming response to their concept of the Round Table Books. Parents and children from diverse cultures were teary eyed, as they saw themselves in fairytale and comic books.

Aimée Felone and David Stevens started the Knights Of publishing company. The company promotes commercial children’s fiction, touching upon issues of diversity and race. The books by Knights Of are distributed within the UK, Ireland and Europe. Reports suggest that Felone and Stevens were raising funds for their pop-up book store and finally succeeded by permanently settling in Brixton with Round Table Books which will serve diverse and vibrant communities.