A song based on an unconventional theme celebrates the spirit of Australian Singer Kate-Miller Heidke

European Broadcasting Union

This year, the Eurovision will witness a song based on an unconventional theme. The Eurovision Song Contest, commonly known as Eurovision is an international song competition held predominantly among countries of the European Broadcasting Union. Kate-Miller Heidke is Australia’s first publically chosen contestant and she will be singing notes on an unprecedented subject. The 37-year old gave birth to son Ernie in 2016 and has chosen to address the dark subject of post-natal depression through her song, Zero Gravity.

In her song, the Australian singer, songwriter, and actress talk about her journey after giving birth. She suffered a crisis where she could not sing for as long as eighteen months and her plight when she wasn’t herself. Through the song, she hopes to reach people suffering singularly through depression. “It’s very common… Don’t feel ashamed. Talk to someone,” said Heidke in a statement.

She also talks about the help she had from her husband, Keir Nuttall, and empathizes with women who don’t have support from their partners. Her message to them is “know you’re not alone.” Heidke’s husband allegedly helped her with the music and the lyrics. In her statement she said that the song for Eurovision had to be “epic”, but at the same time “also stay tethered to a truly authentic feeling.” Moreover, the singer said that talking about the issue in her song has been “a saving grace”. “It was energizing because I didn’t have to write in my own voice. It got me out of my own brain, to write in the characters’ voice instead of mine.”

The singing contest, Eurovision has a mass following down under. It has been broadcasted in Australia since as early as 1983. Ahead of her participation in the contest, Heidke said that the competition appeals to the nation’s competitive spirit. “[It’s] perfect for Aussies like me who have no interest in sport but want to indulge that side of us that enjoys rankings, tables and points,” she says. “It’s the Olympics of pop music.”