Reserve Bank of Australia admits to an embarrassing typo on A$50 note

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has misspelled the word ‘responsibility’ on millions of Australia’s latest A$50 note. Although the word is hidden in a small print, RBA confirmed the typo of “responsibility” as “responsibilty” on Thursday. The RBA has informed to fix the error in the future, but currently around 46 million new notes with the blunder are in circulation across the country, the bill with the typo is still undoubted valid as currency.

The yellow note of A$50 is one of the most widely circulated bills in Australia, which are also given out in large number at cash machines. The new note was released last year and it features Edith Cowan. She was the first female member of the Australian parliament. The reverse side features citation from her speech to the parliament. “It is a great responsibility to be the only woman here, and I want to emphasize the necessity which exists for other women being here.”  This line has been repeated in microscopic print several times.

The latest batch of notes with the erroneous spelling were released in October. It comes with new security features which improve accessibility and prevent counterfeiting.  The embarrassing typo with the missing ‘i’ in the word responsibility was discovered only later after its release. It took a good six months, a magnifying glass and a curious eye for detail to spot the error. It seems the government of Australia has a keen eye to thank!